Alpha-CAT test kit

Alpha-CAT test kit

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The starter kit is ideal for starting testing cannabinoids. This is enough for 10-40 tests.




1x Alpha-CAT protocol guide 1x THC and 1 CBD calibration chart, standards that allow accurate % quantification 10x Test plates 10xDye powder microtubes (0,3 gr), for storage in cool, dry, dark conditions 2x Bottles of Alpha-CAT test fluids (60 ml) 40x Eppendorf tubes (1,5 ml) 1x Developing jar Dipping tray Pipettes (3 ml) Syringe (1 ml) 1x Vial with 50 capillary tubes (1 μl) 20x Nitrile gloves 1x Becher (25 ml) 1x capillary pipette bulb